Neptun Terrace Restaurant

The Neptun Terrace Restaurant is the redesigned culinary tale of Importanne Resort that ensures an unique and delicious experience for every guest. For all those who love meat delicacies, our weekly grill buffet is a special treat accompanied by the view of the open sea and the reefs. The buffet dishes vary daily, ensuring a wonderful rhapsody of flavours.


    Enchanting flavours from the terrace

    Our warm and expert team will prepare and serve impeccable traditional and international dishes that will surely satisfy the preferences of each guest on the terrace with an enchanting view of the Adriatic Sea. 

    Culinary skills on every plate

    At Importanne Resort, we are continuously dedicated to perfecting our staff's culinary skills, as we carefully select scrumptious dish combinations that will be served to our guests. We invite you to take a culinary adventure with your family, friends or business partners, and try our specially prepared delicacies in our sensational environment.