Restaurant La Castile

La Castile provides a fine dining and unforgettable experience on one of Dubrovnik's most attractive terraces, with a view of the sparkling Adriatic sea and the Villa Elita. Try our glorious steak and seafood flavours in this truly picturesque atmosphere.


    Exclusive dishes for every guest

    Our master chefs will ensure you receive a delicious meal by selecting the freshest ingredients and preparing them in a simple way to ensure a creative culinary experience. Try a steak prepared to your liking, or enjoy a seafood dish prepared with flavourful Mediterranean herbs and spices.

    Highest quality wines to complete your experience

    Enjoy the view from our terrace, while savouring an exquisite meal prepared to your liking and made complete with a glass of our premium Croatian and international wine. This will surely pair perfectly with your meal and create an ethereal experience.