Beaches of Dubrovnik

Beaches of Dubrovnik

Adventure and Relax

Beaches are the highlight of almost any summer vacation and Dubrovnik and its environs offer an abundance of fascinating and clean beaches where bathing and tanning are a special adventure.

Beaches on Lapad

The Lapad Peninsula is one of the most stunning parts of Dubrovnik and its shores are adorned with numerous pebble and rock beaches surrounded by trees providing natural shade. Take a stroll around Lapad Bay, find an interesting spot for a swim and complete your day with outdoor activities.

Šunj beach

The island of Lopud is home to Šunj, one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Croatia. During the peak tourism season, take advantage of one of the daily boat rides leaving the city to visit the island and stroll through its stunning nature to a beach with a view of the open sea.

Natural beaches on the island of Lokrum

Known as the Island of Love, Lokrum and its beaches will delight every visitor. Depending on your wishes you can choose the Dead Sea beach in the interior of the island or go bathing at the rocky beaches facing the open sea—you can get to the island from the harbour in the Old Town.

Copacabana beach

This pebble beach is located at Babin Kuk and offers all the facilities and services you need for a great beach day. It also features the access for the disabled. The refreshing water temperature here is the best invitation you’ll need in the heat of summer.