History & Culture

Artists’ stage

inside the traditional walls

History and culture

Dubrovnik is a city with rich history stretching back to the 7th century when its beginnings are recorded—its best-known history is related to the period of the aristocratic Republic of Dubrovnik, which endured through to the late 19th century. Throughout its history, Dubrovnik has been the site of the construction of monumental edifices, now a part of the city’s tourist favorites.

The city walls, the Minčeta and Lovrijenac fortresses, St. Blaise Church and other sacral buildings, the large and small Onofrio fountains, Orlando’s column and the town bell tower are just a few of the famed monuments visitors can tour.

City of theatre and the arts

Many of the municipal events, like the Dubrovnik Summer Games, the Libertas Film Festival and the Julian Rachlin & Friends music festival have won Dubrovnik the moniker of the City of Theatre and Arts. Visitors can enjoy stage plays and other cultural events at the Marin Držić Municipal Theatre, Rector’s Palace Culture and History Museum, Rupe Ethnographic Museum, Maritime Museum, Cathedral Treasury, Museum of the Monastery of the Friars Minor, Museum of the Dominican Monastery, Dubrovnik Natural History Museum and the Modern Arts Museum.

A romantic city for a unique vacation

Along with its wealthy history and cultural heritage, Dubrovnik is also one of the most romantic cities in the world and an attractive destination which regularly draws tourists in great numbers. The stunning nature, crystal clear sea and pleasant Mediterranean climate as well as the delectable culinary selection are all great reasons to take your dream vacation here.

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