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Dubrovnik specialties

to fascinate every palate

Dubrovnik’s restaurants offer their patrons culinary delights prepared from natural and succulent ingredients and prepared according to grandmother’s recipes. During your stay in Dubrovnik, be sure to sample the diverse array of fresh seafood specialities prepared with local olive oil and the Dubrovnik orange cake, spicy orange marmalade and other tasty fruit desserts and liqueurs.

Šporki makaruli (Dirty macaroni)

A delicious delicacy made of a meat gravy and local macaroni, it is traditionally prepared for St. Blaise feast day when friends and family come to the city for this magnificent celebration and religious procession. The custom lives on to this day and you can enjoy this Dubrovnik speciality with local wine from the nearby Pelješac Peninsula.

Zelena menestra (Green minestrone)

Connoisseurs of meat-based specialities will certainly enjoy this tasty delicacy prepared with dried mutton (kaštradina) and sausages complemented with cabbage and kale. The fantastic flavour is a unique pleasure for all palates so certainly sample this melange of flavours from our old cookbooks.


The flavour of Dubrovnik’s rozata (cream caramel) will delight every sweet tooth—this dessert is perfect with a local fruit liqueur and is prepared in a bath of water (traditionally referred to as a Banja Marija) “spiced” with the unique aroma and flavour of sweet caramel and rose liqueur.

Arancini and limuncini

Sweet ”nibbles” prepared from the rinds of local oranges and lemons are an excellent accompaniment to an aperitif— the specific aroma and the lengthy preparation procedure will delight every guest. The Dubrovnik aristocracy preserved the tradition of the preparation of these tasty delicacies that encapsulate the unique flavour of the Mediterranean.

Broštulani mjenduli

A sweet ”nibble”, this is an absolutely brilliant delicacy prepared with caramelised almonds that go wonderfully with a local wine or liqueur, leaving a sense of fulfilment on every palate. Enjoy this unique sweetness while you relax and take in the sea and sunset.

Torta od skorupa (Cream cake)

This special cake prepared with almonds (mjendula) and cream (skorup) is a unique and sweet delicacy characteristic of the Dubrovnik area. The combined flavours of roasted and ground almonds and rose liqueur or maraschino make this sweet a special treat that has been handed down for generations in Dubrovnik households.